Edit v4 & EXT Storia Lok

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This is something rare and special. Rider-driven design meets world-class engineering.

We knew that we had an amazing platform in the Edit frame, and wanted to see how far we could push it. There’s no doubt the high-end factory shocks we spec on the regular models are great; more than a match for most of us as riders. But they are ultimately a mass-market product. What would an Edit feel like with a hand-built, custom-valved shock designed purely for maximum performance? Having worked closely with EXT Racing Shox and Mojo Rising we can confirm: it’s something special. Another level completely.

Let’s start with the build quality which is unrivalled; every part from inside out just screams quality in design, make and finish. Then there’s the attention to detail. From the satisfyingly positive click of every adjuster to the compression-ring grubscrew, each part has been thought through and executed perfectly. But it’s not just theatre; this shock is about performance… all-out, zero compromise performance.

Of course you get 4-way adjustability; high-speed compression, low-speed compression, low-speed rebound and Storia’s unique Lok adjuster - a lock-out lever isolated from compression. All that’s built on top of our Edit-specific valving developed with Mojo Rising. And if that’s not enough, the guys at Mojo Rising are there to help you develop your own personal tune further if you want to.

The Storia has a unique hydraulic bottom-out control which progressively adds extra damping during the last 15% of the travel for full control even on the biggest hits and no harsh-bottom outs. This enables you to run a softer spring rate than you otherwise might which gives you an unbelievable level of traction and small-bump sensitivity. What’s more, you get to choose two spring rates - see the table below to figure out what’s right for you.

The EXT Storia has allowed us to exploit the performance of the Edit to it’s full potential and we’re stoked to be able to offer that to you. Honestly we don’t know why anyone would choose a boutique carbon frame with a regular shock when you could have one of these. 

Key Features
Travel: 160mm front / 155mm rear
Wheel Size: 27.5" front & rear
Shock: EXT Storia Lok v3
Frame Spec: Custom butted 6061-T6 alloy with one-piece CNC rocker and removeable dropouts
What's Included: Frame, shock with 2x springs, hose guides, CNC axle & seat clamp
Weight: 3.6 - 3.9kg