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SALE Hopetech Pro 4 Enduro 27.5" Rear Wheel

A brand new, unused Hope Pro 4 Enduro 27.5" rear wheel with a SRAM XD freefub body.

A few weeks back Hope quietly changed the finish on their rims from a satin finish to a more glossy finish. The rim on this wheel has the older satin finish, and it was an odd-one out that we couldn't pair up with the newer front wheels. So it's brand new, in it's boxed and completely unused. It just needs a good home to go to. 


Specification: Hope Pro 4 12x142mm rear hub in black with a SRAM XD driver, Hope Enduro rim laced with 32 black Sapim Race spokes.
Condition: Brand new, boxed
Damage: Perfect condition
Warranty: Standard
Notes: Ideal for anyone with an Edit v1 or v2