Enduro Bearings

Edit Standard Bearing Kit

A full replacement bearing kit for your Airdrop Edit frame using Enduro bearings.

Your Edit frame uses a total of 8 bearings in the four pivot points. We use sealed cartridge bearings for their superior resistance to mud and water ingress, but eventually they'll wear out. If you ride regularly, we recommend that you replace your bearings once a year to keep your Edit riding smoothly. If your frame develops play in any of the pivots, that's a sign you need to consider replacing your bearings.

Not all bearings are created equal. Our standard bearing kit uses ABEC3 graded bearings from master bearing makers Enduro. These bearings use durable hardened chromium steel races and balls, with tough riveted steel retainers. LLB type rubber seals ride in a matching groove machined into the bearing for low drag or friction.

A high quality replacement bearing kit that will get your Edit running like new.

For more information on replacing your frame's bearings, read our Edit Frame Assembly page. Always make sure your bolts are tightened correctly as per our Torque Settings page.

Kit Contains

  • 4x Enduro ABEC3 6001 LLB Bearings, 12x28x8mm
  • 4x Enduro ABEC3 608 LLB Bearings, 8x22x7mm