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by Ed Brazier December 03, 2015 3 min read

We're very lucky in Sheffield to have a strong MTB advocacy group, Ride Sheffield. Over the past 5 years Ride Sheffield has scored some major victories for access rights and reached out to other trail user groups in the area.

Not least amongst their achievements is the establishment of the UK's first crowd-funded trail project in Lady Canning's Plantation. The jury is still out on what the trail is to be called, but I'm voting for Blue Steel. Whatever it's called, it's a blast to ride and it shows what can be achieved with a strong local riding scene and people willing to get organised.

Ride Sheffield - Lady Cannings

Monday 30th November saw Ride Sheffield's 5th annual winter social & AGM. We donated little something to their fundraising raffle. But what are they raising funds for now? I hear you ask. Here's the press release:

It’s official! At last nights’ Ride Sheffield 5th Birthday Meeting, we announced our latest Crowd Funder:


After the massive success of Lady Cannings we are at it again, this time at Redmires, which sits between Stanage Edge and Sheffield City.

Ride Sheffield RADmires

First a little recap of what we achieved Lady Cannings:

  • First and currently only crowd funded mountain bike trail in the UK, possibly the world.
  • First dedicated mountain bike trail to be built in the Peak District National Park.
  • Over 14,000 runs down in 14 weeks since it opened on Strava alone.
  • £75,000 raised between crowd funding, local business donations and GO Outdoors major contribution to complete Phase 1 and the additional trails to be built in 2016.

Our great ally Jon Dallow at Sheffield City Council has given us the green light to build a descending trail in the woods which run alongside the byway up to Stannage Pole from Redmires Road. It will enter the woods at the top corner just below the existing gate in the byway, and descend 1.8km down to Redmires Road. This is 50% longer than Lady Cannings Phase 1 opened earlier this summer.

The Biketrack trail builders have been up there and are very excited about the possibilities, and the quality of the material on site. Design will be similar to Lady Cannings; Blue grade flow trail in that signature “the faster you go the tougher it is” style which makes that trail so much fun, yet so accessible to all abilities. The added interest this time is that there are some land features and gradients available in the woods which will allow some red/black (grade TBC once built and assessed) opt ins to keep things really interesting for more advanced riders. The intention here is to not only add another brilliant link to our trail network, but also add some progression. As new riders enjoy and develop their skills at Lady Cannings, RADmires aims to up the intensity a little to act as a bridge between Lady Cannings and some of the jumpier, faster, more featured trails over at Greno, and the rockier, steeper, more technical trails around Stannage, Blacka Moor and Rivelin.

Bottom line is that we need £45,000 to make this happen. If we get the money flowing in soon we will be using it to get planning permission and full design complete so that it will be open Summer 2017. We already made £1250 at the event last night, so we’re on our way! So, get your hands in your pockets and chip in:

Ride Sheffield Bank Details:

Or you can donate via Paypal. The address for Paypal payments is:


You know how amazing Lady Cannings is. You know that we can make this happen with the money behind us. You just KNOW RADmires is going to be, well, RAD!! So, get involved, raise some money, give some money, hassle your boss to put some company money into a great community project. So long as it’s legally obtained, we don’t really care where it comes from, JUST GIVE US YOUR MONEY!

Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A former web and graphic designer, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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December 03, 2015

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