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by Ed Brazier August 22, 2022 3 min read

Brett's been riding for Airdrop since the early days; as a pro trials rider and all-round shredder, his custom builds are always worth a look. This is his new Filter.

We've been talking about the Filter as a versatile platform quite a bit recently. But that's how it was intended and we've been stoked to see people pick up on that. We've done the Filter 4x variant, the Filter Launch Edition and the Core Ltd Edition using the same frame to produce very different bikes. What Brett has done with his Filter is a slightly different take again...

Brett's Airdrop Filter custom build

It's an unusual build for an unorthodox rider. But it works. We put a lot of effort into getting the lines just right on all sizes (Brett's is a Large) so that the bike sits well and looks 'just right'. Plenty of standover clearance on all sizes.

Rockshox Lyrik RC2 160mm on Brett's Airdrop Filter

The Filter frames are ISO tested and certified to run up to a 160mm fork. We generally sell the Filter with a 150mm Pike which is a great option for trail use, but for riders who want to go a bit bigger, the Lyrik Ultimate is ideal. If you're in that camp, check out the Filter Core Ltd Edition.

While we're here let's hear it fro the new polished Black One 27.5" rims from Reverse components. When I first heard about them I wasn't sure they'd look good but Brett's bike has changed my mind. And the spec reads well too. We're fast becoming fans of the new stuff coming out of the German brand and we'll be offering some of it on the Fade bikes soon.

Brett's Airdrop Filter custom build

We did say this was a custom build, didn't we. Brett's running the Filter frame with Cane Creek DBcoil IL shock but he's swapped out the linear Valt spring for a Progressive Valt spring - an upgrade we offer for customers.

In case you're wondering... yes that is a can holder. Although Brett appears to be running 7up for this shot I'm reliably informed it works great as a beer holder. Great if you want to combine two of your favourite things :-)

The dropper post is a Pacific North West Loam dropper. I don't have any personal experience with them but I've heard good things and Brett swears by his.

Brett's Airdrop Filter custom build

The rear-ed of Brett's bike is as custom as the front. He's got a Shimano XT 1x12 drivetrain on there, a VHS v2 Slapper tape on the chainstay and Specialized Butcher tyre.

I don't have a closeup but Brett's running the new Tech 4 V4 brake front and rear. It's a lot of brake for a 'trail bike' but we tend to fit big brakes on all our bikes (why not?) so no complaints here.

Drivetrain on Brett's Airdrop Filter custom build

Brett's running a Burgtec chainring on his Hope Pro Evo alloy cranks and a KMC chain. It's a mix-and-match combo but it works. The chainguide is a Funn Zippa DH with the top-guide and the bash plate installed, but the lower roller removed. I didn't get a chance to ask Brett about this but as a professional trials rider I guess he wants to run the plate but doesn't want the extra noise and resistance of the lower roller.

Cockpit setup on Brett's Airdrop Filter custom build

Cockpit setup is all Reverse: Black One D-2 stem in polished alloy with a matching polished top-cap and bolt, Base bars and Nico Vink Griffe grips. Interesting note: Reverse offer their grips in 7 different diameters including a tapered version which I think is sick.

Brett Penfold on his Airdrop Filter custom build

Goes well.



Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A former web and graphic designer, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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