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by Craig Evans March 29, 2023 4 min read

We check in on Craig's new Filter trail bike build to see how he's got it set up.

While I run an Edit v4 as the daily rider, I've got a Filter set up as a shorter travel, more playful trail bike. It's fun on mellow terrain but still capable of being ridden anywhere...

Craig Evans riding his Airdrop Filter


Age: 32

Height: 188cm / 6'2"

Weight: 90kg / 198lb

Years Riding: 20 years

Riding Background: All.

Riding Style: Yes.

Craig Evans



I've got a Medium Edit (see Craig's Edit bikecheck) with a reach-adjust headset in the +5mm position which has a reach of 465mm. As the Filter's more trail oriented geo is 5mm shorter than the Edit, I've gone for a Large and run a reach adjust at -5mm, so the reach is effectively 470mm. Feels bang-on for me.

Craig Evans' Airdrop Filter



Reserve 30HD carbon on Hope Pro 4 hubs (we built these up before the new Pro 5 hub came out), a strong reliable setup and the added stiffness from the already playful bike just adds to the fun.

Reserve 30HD Rims and Michelin Wild AM2 tyres


Tyre Choice & Pressures

Michelin Wild AM2 2.4", I’ve gone for a slighter sidewall on these, better rolling speed and less rotational weight (compared to the Wild Enduro setup on the Edit) keeps the bike nimble and east to manoeuvre in the air. Lighter tyres is something that’s always nice to pedal on after being on a heavier sidewall for a bit, the bike rolls faster and you feel fitter, you’ve just got to be a bit lighter on the bike on the descents, ride slightly different lines and be a bit more gentle, good flow practice.

Michelin Wild AM2 Tyres



Gone for a lighter option with the Pike Ultimate, sticking with the theme keeping the bike a bit more lively. You can run the Filter with a 160mm fork but as I've got an Edit too, I've got the Filter in its stock 150mm setup.

Rockshox Pike Ultimate RC2


Rear Shock

I was tempted to go to air for this build just to give me a bit more adjustment if needed, but I just couldn’t give up the added tracking and grip that comes with a coil. The Filter's progressive enough to run it with a coil no problem. Running a 500lb spring.

Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate


Suspension Setup

I would usually have go for a much stiffer setup on a shorter travel bike to avoid blowing through the travel and while that is somewhat true for the Rockshox Pike, I haven’t found that to be the case on the Filter. It ramps up well and there’s no need to make it excessively stiff to keep it fun.


Cockpit Setup

Gone for shorter stem on this one with the reach being slightly longer than my Edit. Burgtec 35mm stem and stuck with the 50mm RideHigh bar which I get on with really well; I’ve got these cut to 770, I usually cut my bars for the bikes intended use, I think you gain stability with a wider bar but forfeit some of your range and ability to move the bike around. A narrower bar allows me to angle the bike more in the turns and makes getting the bike off the ground easier. Bartender super soft grips keep the hands glued on.

Burgtec Cockpit Setup



SRAM X0 Eagle 12 speed mechanical - if it ain't broke don’t fix it.

SRAM X01 Drivetrain


Chain Device - Yay or Nay?

I always run a chain device. For mid-ride trials sessions you need a bash guard; chain retention is good these days but I’d rather not risk dropping a chain, I know it’s there if I need to get on the cranks.

MRP SXg Chain Device



Code RSC with 200/180mm rotors. I really get on with this setup, the power and modulation are spot on, I do spend a bit of time adjusting pistons on any brake I ride to get the bite as early as possible and to get the correct lever feel.


Flats or Clips?

Always flats. I have ridden clips in the past to race on, but I grew up riding flats and these days I never even think of venturing to the dark side. You learn a load of bike handling on flats that you can’t get on clips. Burgtec Mk5 is the chosen platform, loads of grip and built well, helps stop the feet getting bounced off.

Burgtec Mk5 Penthouse Flats


Dropper & Saddle

200mm Reverb with a Burgtec Cloud saddle.


Anything You Would Change?

A longer dropper if I could get one; I’d jump at the chance to not have to move my saddle height every run. Other than that, there’s nothing I’d want to change.


Any Secrets or Setup Tips?

Not really got any secrets, but I would say getting the bike to feel comfortable so it inspires confidence in you is key, don’t be afraid to move the bar height around and try new things. I sometimes raise my bars slightly in summer when I can handle less front wheel grip and speeds are higher; same goes for winter sometimes a little lower, things are a bit slower and I tend to need a bit more help keeping the front wheel in check.

Craig Evans riding his Airdrop Filter


How does it compare to previous bikes?

The main differences seem to be in the grip. I have found I have noticeably more grip than on past bikes, The Filter and the Edit seem to suite my riding style and that’s pretty confidence inspiring.


Full Bike Spec

Frame: Airdrop Filter size Large
Colour: Raw (brushed) with gloss powder coat & black decals
Forks: Rockshox Pike Ultimate RC2 150mm, 37mm offset
Rear Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil RCT with red 500lb spring
Headset: Works Components Reach Adjust with Hope Bearings
Stem: Burgtec Mk3 Enduro 35mm Reach, 35mm Clamp, Black
Handlebars: Burgtec Ridehigh Alloy 50mm rise, 770mm width
Grips: Burgtec Bartender Pro Super Soft
Seatpost: Rockshox Reverb 1x C1 200mm
Seatclamp: Airdrop CNC seat clamp in black ano
Saddle: Burgtec The Cloud
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC
Rotors: SRAM HS2 200mm front, 180mm rear
Wheels: Reserve 30 carbon rims on Hope Pro 4 Hubs
Tyres: Michelin Wild AM2 2.4" Front / Rear
Rear Derailleur: SRAM X01 Eagle 1x12
Cassette: SRAM XG-1295 10-52t
Shifter: SRAM X01 Eagle 1x12
Cranks: SRAM Descendant 7k Alloy 170mm
Chainring: SRAM Narrow/Wide 34t
Pedals: Burgtec Mk5 Penthouse Flat in Rhodium Silver
Chain: SRAM X01 Eagle
Bottom Bracket: Hope Stainless 30mm
Chain Guide: MRP SXG
Modifications: -5mm Reach Adjust headset, Burgtec axles
Weight: 34lb as pictured


Craig Evans riding his Airdrop Filter

Craig Evans
Craig Evans

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