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by Ed Brazier November 02, 2022 5 min read

With a fresh batch of Edit frames on the way, we're now accepting orders with some incredible Earlybird offers and a very special Öhlins limited edition.

Every single frame and bike option for the Edit v4 is available right now with an Earlybird offer. Most are limited to very small numbers - only 5 in some cases - but if you're willing to wait until the frames arrive, you'll be more than rewarded with a bargain. We're expecting the frames to arrive in January, and there should still be plenty of stock to go at then. So if you'd rather wait until then and pay the regular price, that's totally fine. But if you're itching to get one and you're willing to wait a few weeks then the Earlybird Offers are for you.

Hit the buttons below to go straight to the offers or read on for more details.

Edit v4 Ohlins Ltd Edition

Leading the way is our new Edit v4 Öhlins Ltd Edition. In a first for a production Edit bike, we've upped the front-wheel travel to 170mm and the rear-wheel travel to 168mm, allowing the Edit to really fulfil it's potential.

That extra 10mm travel slackens off the head-angle to 64° and sets the tone for the rest of the bike; it's what you might call a 'big' build. The Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil rear shock is set at 65mm stroke which provides 168mm rear wheel travel, taking the Edit v4 platform to the maximum. Naturally a bike as fast as this needs brakes to match so we're fitting SRAM Code RSC with a 200mm rotor up front.

The drivetrain is the unflappable SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 with an MRP 1x chainguide keeping things in check. It all rolls on a WTB Proterra i30 Tough wheelset with 30mm internal rims featuring an internal rib and WTB's SolidStrip plus tubeless. They're shod with WTB Verdict front and Judge rear tyres, our go-to choice for hard riding. Finishing kit comes courtesy of Burgtec with a Mk3 Enduro stem, RideWide alloy 38mm rise bars and Bartender Pro grips.

We have 20 of these unique build kits available to preorder now, with an incredible Earlybird deal.

Airdrop Edit Öhlins Ltd Edition

I think we can all agree that this bike looks the part (size Large pictured).

Airdrop Edit v4 Öhlins Limited Edition

The Öhlins RXF36 m.2 Air fork was the jumping-off point for this bike. We took the opportunity to spec it at 170mm to make the most of the Edit v4's hard-hitting capabilities. The performance is incredible when you ride them, but even just looking at them up close you can tell straight away - this is a quality product.

Airdrop Edit v4 Öhlins Limited Edition

The long-travel theme carries through to the rear. The DB Kitsuma Coil shock from Cane Creek has long been a favourite option for Edit 'big builds' but in the past we've set it up at 60mm stroke for 155mm travel. For this bike we're going with 65mm stroke and 168mm travel. Note the shocks easily-accessed 4-way adjustability and climb switch. We spec a VALT lightweight steel spring and we've stuck with the linear option because the Edit's kinematics are progressive enough already.

Airdrop Edit v4 Ohlins Ltd Edition

We fit Burgtec finishing kit to all our bikes. Which is kind of unusual as this is an area where bigger brands like to cut corners. But we only ever sell bikes that we ourselves would ride, and we all run Burgtec. For the Öhlins limited edition we've gone for Bullion Gold on the stem to match up with the gold ano details on the fork and shock.

Burgtec Finishing Kit

All the little details matter. The Burgtec Mk3 Enduro stem is complemented by a Josh Bryceland signature 'RideHigh' 38mm rise bar and Greg Minaar signature Bartender Pro grips. Not that both the GX Eagle shifter and the Reverb remote are set up on Matchmaker clamps with the Code RSC levers to keep the cockpit as clean as possible.

Order now to get an Earlybird Discount of £800. Bikes will ship in January.

£3499 £4299
You save £800

Edit v4 Frame & Kitsuma Coil - Long Travel Option

If the Edit v4 Öhlins ltd edition sounds like your cup of tea but you want to build your own long-travel Edit, the frame & Kitsuma Coil shock option is now available in two stroke lengths. The more conventional 60mm stroke gets you 155mm rear wheel travel, while the new 65mm stroke option gets you 168mm rear wheel travel.

 Airdrop Edit v4 & Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil

Order now to get an Earlybird Discount of £400. Frames will ship in January.

£1299 £1699
You save £400

Edit v4 Frame & SDLX Coil Ultimate

The Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate is certainly a big name, but it backs that up with performance to match. Sitting right at the top of the Rockshox range, the Ultimate model offers the unmistakable feel of a coil spring with rebound, low-speed compression and a threshold adjustment lever for pedalling when you need it. And yes, it has a red spring.

Airdrop Edit v4 & Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate

Order now to get an Earlybird Discount of £300. Frames will ship in January.

£1299 £1599
You save £300

Edit v4 Luxe Bike

Suspension duties are taken care of by Rockshox - Super Deluxe Coil Select+ out back for that unmistakable coil feel, and a 160mm Lyrik Select up front. The Luxe gets a 1x12 GX Eagle drivetrain with Descendant cranks and an MRP 1x chain guide to keep things in check. Stopping power is courtesy of SRAM Code R. The wheel set is WTB’s Proterra Tough with i30 rims wearing Verdict front and Judge rear tyres - if they work in Wharncliffe, they’ll work anywhere. And of course, finishing kit is from our good friends at Burgtec.

Airdrop Edit v4 Luxe

Order now to get an Earlybird Discount of £500. Bikes will ship in January.

£2999 £3499
You save £500

Edit v4 Deluxe Bike

The upgrade we were asked for most in 2021 was to take an Edit Luxe and go to Ultimate series suspension. That’s the premise behind the Edit v4 Deluxe - you asked, we delivered. We added in a Reverb upgrade and the peerless SRAM Code RSC brakes to make the Deluxe into something really quite special. That’s the very best rear shock, fork and brakes that Rockshox/SRAM have ever made. You get maximum performance in all the key areas (these are parts you’ll find on bikes three times more expensive) but without having to sell any vital organs.

Airdrop Edit v4 Deluxe

Order now to get an Earlybird Discount of £500. Bikes will ship in January.

£3499 £3999
You save £500

Edit v4 Works Bike

The Works level build on any of our bikes represents a zero compromise approach. Top shelf components with sprinkles on top, just because we can. The Edit v4 Works features all our favourite components and is pretty close to being the bike that we ride ourselves. Think of it as an Edit expressing its full potential in a build-to-order package.

Airdrop Edit v4 Works

Order now to get an Earlybird Discount of £500. Bikes will ship in January.

£3999 £4499
You save £500



Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

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