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by Ed Brazier October 19, 2017 3 min read

If you're wondering when the Edit v2 frames will be back in stock and whether you should place a preorder, we've got the lowdown on deliveries and stock levels now.

First, a bit of  background. These frames take at least 4 months to produce, and we pay for them up front. So back in the spring, we (actually it was just me at that point) had to make a call on how many Edits would sell over the Summer, and order more frames accordingly. In reality that's also a decision about what was affordable; even if we had wanted to just order in a boat-load that wouldn't have been an option. 100 bike frames cost plenty, especially with the exchange rates going south. The bottom line is, we thought we'd sell x number of frames, and we ended up selling a lot more than that. So we ran out. Major bummer. 

People tell me "that's a good problem to have", and I guess that's true from a business point of view. It means we must be doing something right if the bikes are in such high demand. But keeping people waiting is not something that I'm comfortable with at all; I hate letting people down.


The solution was to up the frame order, and set everything to pre-order, so at least we were being honest about the fact that there would be a wait. We also implemented a stock-level checker on the website so you could see the status of each size & colour and make your choices accordingly. So for the last few weeks pretty much all the sizes and colours have been set to preorder with the exceptions of Small. We've been surprised (and delighted) at the number of you willing to wait for one of our bikes, and we've been keeping in touch with everyone who's placed an order.

Frames are leaving the factory on Monday.

Everyone who has preordered has been told this already, but we've made the decision to air-freight in frames for them. It's an awful lot more expensive than sea freight, but it's also a lot faster, and that's the least we can do for everyone who's been so patient. We're expecting those frames to arrive within a couple of weeks and as soon as they do, we'll build and ship the orders. Build kits are ready and waiting.

If you're in a hurry and you want to get a frame on that shipment, place your order before midnight on Sunday 22nd October. After that, the remainder of the stock will be due in November.

Stock Due In

The remainder of the stock will follow on a sea-freight and will therefore take a bit longer. We're expecting it to be around the end of November. Don't worry - there's plenty of stock coming. So if you're considering buying an Edit v2 and you're not in a particular hurry, there's no need to get your order in quickly. The stock is coming. It'll still be on preorder until it arrives, but we're doing our best to get stock here as quickly as practically possible. 

An Apology

It wasn't meant to be this complicated. When we planned this year out, we weren't expecting things to go as well as they have, and now we're dealing with the fall-out. The lead-times are such that there's no quick fix and even when you can see that you're going to run out of stock, sometimes you just have no choice but to wait.

To all the customers who have been waiting for an Edit: I'm sorry it's taken this long. Thank you for your patience, I really appreciate it.

To all of you who want an Edit and you're waiting to place an order: again I'm sorry it's taken this long. Rest assured that stock is on it's way, and then more is coming behind that.

We've taken all the steps necessary to get the stock here and we're working super hard to make sure this doesn't happen next time around. We're just getting the hang of Airdrop being a proper bike brand and not a man in a shed any more. Well, maybe two men in a slightly bigger shed.

Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A former web and graphic designer, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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