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by Ed Brazier November 17, 2021 4 min read

A limited edition Fade built around the matte black Fade frame with Marzocchi Bomber DJ fork, matching decals and Chromag finishing kit.

If you follow Airdrop Bikes you'll know that this year hasn't exactly gone to plan. The silver lining in that particular cloud is that some of the cool stuff we originally planned for the Summer is happening now. So here we have the Fade Bomber Ltd Edition.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years (we wouldn't blame you if you have) then you'll know all about the Marzocchi Bomber DJ forks. There's no point in going through the details all over again but just look at them. And in case you're wondering, they really are as good as they look. As a starting point for a ltd edition bike, they make our job pretty easy.  

We haven't done the Bomber DJs with a black frame before but boy does it work. Especially with the matching red decals. You can pick out the little splashes of red on the rim and tyre decals too. Speaking of which, the wheels are Halo Chaos DJ running Halo H-Block tanwalls. A tried & tested combo. The cranks are descendant 6k alloy arms with a DMR Blade 32t chainring paired with a Gusset 11t sprocket. Stopping duties are taken care of by the SRAM Level T hydraulic brake (rear only) which you can run UK or Euro style.

Last and by no means least, we've specced a Chromag bar/stem combo. It's a brand we've always admired and for a DJ bike it's just right. Maybe a bit too fancy for a stock build but for a limited edition.... why not?

This bike will be released at 9am on Thursday 18th November.



Airdrop Fade Bomber Ltd Edition

The red Marzocchi Bomber DJ forks were the jumping-off point for this build. They're so rare right now we've been waiting for them for months. But if the last couple of years have taught us anything as a business, it's the value of being patient :-)

Chromag Bar & Stem combination

Chromag HiFi 31mm Stem

Closeup of the Chromag bar-stem combo. It's a Fubar FU40 alloy bar with 40mm rise paired up with a HiFi 31mm stem. Bar clamp diameter is 31.8mm. The bars come in at 800mm and we fit them that way so you can trim them down if you choose.

Airdrop Fade DropoutsWe like to keep everything as clean as we can. The Fade frame has integrated CNC chain tensioners inside the dropouts so there's nothing fiddly hanging out back. On this build, the 11t sprocket runs a SRAM PC1 nickel-plated chain on Halo's Chaos Bushdrive singlespeed hub. 

Halo Chaos DJ wheel & H-Block tyre

The Halo H-Block tanwall is a wire-bead tyre with a tried & tested tread pattern. We spec the tanwall version as a subtle nod to the bike's old-school heritage (remember the original Bomber DJ?).

Airdrop Fade Bomber Ltd Edition

As usual we did all the photography for this bike launch ourselves. It's one of the best bits of the job, and seeing everything coming together after the months of planning and waiting, it's a nice little payoff. We shot these pictures just down the road from our workshop.

This bike will be released at 9am on Thursday 18th November.



Frequently Asked Questions

We are receiving lots of enquiries about these bikes which we're always happy to help with, but as they're all very similar we thought it best to publish some of the more frequently asked questions here:

How much is this build?
The Fade Bomber ltd edition is £1899.

How many will be available?
Only 5 of these ltd editions will be built.

When will it be released?
Thursday 18th November at 9am (BST).

Can I preorder one?
There's no need; this particular build is in stock. We’re giving everyone who wants one the same chance to get one from 9am on Thursday 218th November.

Can I buy it online?
Once released, the Fade Bomber ltd edition can be bought online here.

Can I buy it by phone?
As we expect them to sell very quickly, it’s not possible to buy the Fade Bomber ltd edition over the phone.

If I buy one, when will it ship?
We expect to ship these mid-late November although it’s possible that it may take a little longer.

Can I make changes to the spec?
No. These builds have been planned and the parts bought months in advance so it’s not possible for us to make changes.

What if I don’t manage to get one?
We’re working as hard as we can to try to build enough bikes for everyone, but as a small business it’s not always possible. We have another batch of Fade frames due in Spring 2022 and we’ll do our best to secure more stock. Although we don’t repeat ltd editions, we are planning new ltd editions for next year as well as standard Works builds.

Can I buy the Fade frame only?
We're currently sold out of Fade frames, but we have another batch due in Spring 2022.

Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes, with some limitations. The website will allow customers in the EU to buy subject to the new international taxes applicable. The website will not accept orders from outside the EU. Under normal circumstances we can take international orders as custom orders but as these bikes are likely to sell out within minutes, it won’t be possible to do that.



Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A former web and graphic designer, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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