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by Ed Brazier May 05, 2023 4 min read

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the Fade's return. We've got good news: it's about to come back, better than ever before...

What started out as a side project to produce a few dirt jump frames for ourselves, friends and a handful of customers turned into something else. The Fade. It must have struck a chord because for three years, we've barely been able to meet demand. At one point we had to go to monthly drops and they were selling out in 2 minutes. Then there was the time Redbull named it as the #1 dirt jump bike without telling us, and our website almost crashed (it's still top of the list for 2023).

In all that time we've done a bunch of stuff with the Fade, including some tasty limited editions, but the frame itself has been the same. But now we've decided to change things up a bit.

A proper launch is still a couple of weeks away. But we're getting so many questions, this is a sneak preview for those of you who just can't wait... We'll try our best to answer the big questions but there are a couple of things we want to hold back for the big reveal!

Airdrop Fade Dirt Jump Bike 


When are the Fades Due Back In?

The frames have left the factory and are on the way already. We expect them to arrive here around the end of May. Build kits for the Fade bikes will be a little later.

When Can We Place An Order?

We have a huge amount of work to do to get everything ready on the website and we can't put the Fades live until that's done. But we're hoping that'll be within 1-2 weeks. If you want to get a notification, sign up to the email newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page: that way you'll be the first to know.

Can we preorder?

Yes is you're super keen and you want to get a Fade as soon as possible, we will be taking preorders. But we're sticking to our rule: we only take an order when we're confident of the timeline. Too many companies just take your money and sit on it for months at a time. So please be patient; we'll open up preorders as soon as we are sure.

Are They Going To Sell Out Again?

Obviously we can't control demand, so it's hard for us to say how long this batch will last. But we can say that it's the biggest batch of frames we've ever produced so we're confident that we'll have stock for a good while.

What will the prices be?

We probably should have put prices up but we're aware that it's getting harder and harder for people to afford bikes so we've made the decision to hold prices. You'll be getting a better product for the same price as before. Frames will be £399 and there will be full bikes from £1399 to £1999.

So What's New About The Frame?

We're probably not going to refer to it as the Fade v2 but this is effectively a second generation Fade frame. For the first time there will be two sizes: regular and long. That means there will be a size that's perfect for younger riders and riders doing more techy tricks and tighter tracks. There will be a size for taller riders and riders doing bigger jumps and faster tracks. There will be three colours, two of which are all-new. And the frame has a few other refinements which will make it overall a cleaner product. We're very excited about sharing this with you.

Anything new in the bikes?

Yes. Too many things to mention here, and a couple of things that are going to blow some minds :-) The headlines are that there will be a refreshed Luxe build, a locked-in Deluxe build and a baller Works level build.

Is the Ohlins bike coming back?

We don't repeat limited editions - otherwise what would be the point? So no, the Fade Öhlins won't be back in the same form. But the response was so good that we have decided to add an Öhlins equipped Fade to the range permanently.

Have we got any pictures of the new Fade?

Not that we can share here and now. That's a big part of the work that we need to do. But the photo frames are here and everything is looking prime. So as soon as we can, we'll be blasting the photos out. For now just console yourself that the new Fades will look even sweeter than the old ones.

How will we know when everything goes live?

Best thing to do is sign up for the email newsletter and we'll tell you! Use the form below to subscribe and you'll be the first to know...

Airdrop Fade



Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A former web and graphic designer, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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May 12, 2023

Cant wait for frames and build kits, and completes too, I’m sure they gonna be great value for money!


May 09, 2023

I’m wanting to put a pre order in on a fade frame and build kit please

Jason orridge
Jason orridge

May 09, 2023


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