Cane Creek Spring Rate Calculator

Spring Rate Calculator

To get the most out of your Cane Creek coil shock, you need to select the right spring rate for your weight. So we've put this table together as a quick-reference guide.

Please Note it's important to use your total weight including all your riding kit, which for most riders will be something like 5-10kg more than your own weight.

A Word On Preload

To set up sag on a Cane Creek coil shock, the preload adjuster compresses the spring a little. Cane Creek recommend 1-6 turns, so there's a fair range of adjustment. Our recommended spring rates are all based on 3 turns and 30% sag for the sake of simplicity. If you're in between spring rates, you can fine tune things with preload. So you can run less preload and a heavier spring, or more preload and a lighter spring if you need to.

 Total Rider Weight Preload Suggested Spring Rate
50kg (110lb) 3 250lb
55kg (121lb) 3 300lb
60kg (132lb) 3 300lb
65kg (143lb) 3 350lb
70kg (154lb) 3 350lb
75kg (165lb) 3 400lb
80kg (176lb) 3 400lb
85kg (187lb) 3 450lb
90kg (198lb) 3 450lb
95kg (209lb) 3 500lb
100kg (220lb) 3 500lb
105kg (231lb) 3 550lb
110kg (242lb) 3 550lb
115kg (253lb) 3 600lb
120kg (264lb) 3 600lb