A Brief History of Airdrop Bikes

After 12 years of saving, Ed quits his job and decides to set up a bike brand. Development of the first designs begins and the search for a factory is on.
The Airdrop brand is born and Ed's garage is converted into the first workshop. The first batch of Edit v1 goes into production. Ed's life savings run out. 
Airdrop is launched and the first bikes start to ship. The Clayspades video goes live. Development of the Bitmap begins but it's slow progress with Ed doing everything himself.
James Crossland comes back from New Zealand and becomes Airdrop's first employee. We move Airdrop out of Ed's garage and into the Alderson Road workshop. The Edit v2 comes out followed by the Bitmap hardtail.
Our first Dirt Jump bike, the Fade is launched. It's a bit of a risk but it becomes an instant hit. With a bit of extra capacity we start work on what will become the Edit v3 and the first sketches of the Slacker.
Andy Donnachie joins the team as a dedicated bike and wheel builder.
We attempt to develop a downhill bike as The Slacker Project launches on Christmas Day.
The third batch of Fades hits with some very special limited editions planned...