Torque Settings

All our frames are checked for alignment and fully assembled by hand, with quality grease and thread locking compound in the right places, and all bolts torqued correctly.

It's really important that your frame's bolts are always tightened to the correct torque level. At the most basic level, this will ensure that nothing falls off, but it will also prolong the life of your bearings and enable you to get the most of of your bike's suspension. 

We recommend that you use a quality torque wrench whenever assembling your frame after maintenance, and check your bolts regularly. For more information on how to rebuild your frame, check our frame assembly page.

Tools you will need: A quality torque wrench with 5mm hex bit, 6mm hex bit and torx 30 bit.

Airdrop Edit Torque Settings

 # Component Specification Material Quantity Torque Range
1 Shock mount bolt M8x1.25x40mm Stainless steel 2 11.76 - 13.72 Nm
3 Main pivot bolt M6x1.0x16mm Stainless steel 4 13.72 - 15.69 Nm
8 Seatstay pivot CNC bolt M8x28mm SUS303 steel 2 11.76 - 13.72 Nm
15 Chainstay pivot CNC bolt M8x26mm SUS303 steel 3 11.76 - 13.72 Nm
16 Dropout bolt M8x1.25x16mm Stainless steel 4 13.72 - 15.69 Nm

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