Cushcore Pro Tyre Insert

Probably the best tyre insert system you can get.

There are a lot of tyre inserts out there and while some of them are little more than a pool noodle, Cushcore is different. It's probably the most refined and the most complete tyre insert system out there and we're happy to offer it because the benefits are well established. And of course, we've tested it ourselves.

We won't rehearse all the potential benefits in detail here, but the basic idea is that Cushcore's shaped polyolefin foam insert sits in the channel of your rim, supporting the tyre bead and sidewall. That enables your tubeless tyre to act as an air spring while the foam offers extra damping. The result: dramatically different ride-feel, fewer flats and no dinged-rims. You can use that advantage to play with tyre casings, sidewalls and pressures to tune your ride in a way not possible without an insert.

If you flat a lot, break rims or just charge hard then Cushcore is for you.

Cuschcore Pro will work with any tubeless sealant and each insert comes with a Cushcore valve included. When you buy Cushcore Pro tyre inserts with an Airdrop bike, we will fit them for you, free of charge.

Key Features:
Helps to reduce punctures
Protects your rims from damage on square edges
Support tyre sidewalls and reduces tyre-roll through corners
Provides extra damping especially on big hits
Inner Rim Width: 22 - 35mm
Tyre Width: 2.1" - 2.6"
Weight: 250g per insert, including valve