Edit Dropout Bolt Kit

A complete set of replacement bolts and for your Airdrop Edit's replaceable dropouts.

We hope that you're riding your Airdrop Edit into the ground. Because that's what it's made for. And although we design everything with care, test it thoroughly and manufacture to a high standard, things are going to wear out. So we put a lot of work into ensuring your frame is easy to strip down and rebuild, and we have a full range of spares and replacements available. This bolt kit contains all the bolts and washers you'll need for both your mech hanger and brake mount dropouts.

For more information on replacing your frame's bolts, read our Edit Frame Assembly page. Always make sure your bolts are tightened correctly as per our Torque Settings page.


  • 4x dropout bolts
  • M8x1.25x16mm
  • Stainless Steel