Hopetech F20 Flat Pedals

Super high quality, fully CNC machined flat pedals with sealed bearings, replaceable pins and 6 anodised colours.

We all know how important contact points are to a bike, so if you're investing in a beautifully built Airdrop bike, you need some suitably deluxe pedals to go with it. Enter the Hopetech F20s. A decent sized platform with a concave profile provides tonnes of grip. The pins are all removable so you can run as many or as few as you like, and replace them at need. Each pedal has one Norglide bushing and three sealed cartridge bearings, with a high strength steel axle.

Please Note: Due to Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, Hope orders take 3-4 weeks to fulfil.

F20 Pedal Features
Fully CNC 2014 T6 Aluminium
High strength steel axle
Norglide bushing & three cartridge bearings
Concave platform for extra grip
Replaceable hollow pins
Available in 6 colours