Cane Creek Interlok Headset Spacers

A lightweight and neat composite headset spacer with 5mm stack height.

Headset spacers can be a faff. Despite the fact that most of us will need them to get our setup totally dialled, they're usually an afterthought. Either cheap plastic or worse, cheap alloy. Enter the Interlok spacers from Cane Creek. They're made from a high quality composite and they lock together so that when stacked on your steerer tube, they're super neat. They also interlock perfectly with the Cane Creek headset cover and top-cap.

At 5mm height we tend to fit 3-4 of these to bikes as standard, but we're selling them individually (not as pictured).

Pair it with the 40 Series Headset upper ZS44 and the 40 Series Headset Lower ZS56.