Rockshox Maxle Stealth 142x12mm

A light, low profile alternative to the quick-release Maxle rear axle.

Rockshox originated the Maxle rear axle standard and it's still the best today. Originally all Maxles were quick-release but a lot of riders are looking for something simpler and less likely to catch (and open) when riding. Enter the Maxle Stealth. It's simple: just a 6mm hex wrench on the non-drive side. Anodised black with laser-etched graphics.

Compatible with the Airdrop Edit v1, v2 and most 142x12mm frames that use the Rockshox Maxle standard.

Rockshox Maxle Stealth Features
Specification: 142x12mm
Total Length: 174mm
Thread Length: 20mm
Thread Pitch: M12x1.75
Mechanism:Tooled 6mm hex