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All Airdrop bikes are built to order and either collected from our Sheffield workshop or shipped direct to customers. On this page you can find information on how we display our prices, currencies and the tax rules for international orders.

Choosing Your Country

The website uses geolocation to automatically identify which country you are shopping from. It's also possible to choose your country from the country selector in the website header. Whichever country you select, prices will be displayed in the local currency.

How prices are displayed

If you are shopping in the UK, prices are displayed in GBP and include UK sales tax (VAT) at 20% (channel islands are exempt from VAT). If you are shopping outside the UK, prices exclude sales tax.


All prices are set in GBP. If you are shopping outside the UK, prices will be displayed in your local currency. The exchange rate is set on a daily basis by our payment provider, which means prices can fluctuate.


If you are shopping in the UK, prices include VAT and there will be no further taxes to pay. If you are shopping outside the UK, we will not collect any tax as part of the price we charge you. However, local sales taxes and import duties may be charged by customs authorities in your country.

We take care of customs declarations when we dispatch international orders. Our courier (typically DHL) will co-ordinate with your local customs authorities and pay the relevant charges on your behalf. They will then contact you to ask you for payment. Your order will only be delivered once those charges have been paid.

It's your responsibility to be aware of your local taxes before you place your order.