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by James Crossland November 03, 2017 4 min read

Nush Lee AKA 'Nushy P' , all round shredder and conveyor of good times. We take a look at Nush's fresh custom Edit v2.

Whenever we do a particularly sweet custom build we always try to make time to run a feature on it. There is a million and one ways to build these bikes and no two are quite the same. We put some cool bikes together. But what's sometimes missing is the insight into why people choose to build their bike in a certain way. So Nush gives us the lowdown on her Edit and what makes it special.

Nush is James' better half and when she's not petting dogs she can be found lapping out Sheffields finest trails. She might only have been riding for 3 years but don't let that fool you she rips! 


Age: 24
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: You should never ask a lady her weight
Years Riding: 3 years
Riding Background: Bikes (I hate horses)
Riding style: Survive with loads of steeze

Bike Spec

Nush's Custom Airdrop Edit v2

Frame: Airdrop Edit v2 Small
Colour: Black, forest canopy custom decals
Forks: BOS Deville FCV 160mm
Rear Shock: Cane Creek Inline Coil, 400lb Valt Spring
Headset: Hope Tech ZS44/56
Stem: Chromag Ranger 31mm
Handlebars: Chromag Fubar OSX, Cut to 750mm Width
Grips: DMR Death Grip
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb 150mm
Saddle: WTB Koda
Brakes: Sram X0 Trail
Rotors: Sram Centerline 180mm
Wheels: Hope Pro 4 on Carbon Rims
Tyres: Maxxis High Roller II 2.4 EXO Front, Maxxis Minnion DHR 2.4 EXO Rear
Rear Derailleur: Sram GX Eagle
Cassette: Sram GX Eagle 10-50T
Shifter: Sram GX Eagle
Cranks: Sram GX Eagle 170mm
Chainring: Sram Direct-mount 32T
Pedals: Race Face Atlas
Chain: Sram GX Eagle
Bottom Bracket: Sram GXP
Chainguide: N/A
Total Weight: 31lb / 14kg

Tyre Choice And Pressures

I've been running a Highroller II out back and Minion DHR II up front for a while now. I know - crazy right, “a rear tyre on the front” you say, what is this madness? Well I just found the minion DHR II brakes a bit better and deals with the sloppy stuff a bit better than a DHF. It works for me anyhow.

Actually this week as autumn (FALL for Canadians) gets in to full swing, I've stuck a WTB Vigilante upfront, forgot how much I like this tyre.

As for pressures, too soft according to my boy friend, but I like them pretty soft around 20 PSI front and rear.


Nush's custom Airdrop edit v2

BOS Deville FCV, what can I say Tres Bien! Love these forks they are always getting me out of trouble. Getting spare parts is a bit of a pain and from what I understand from my boy friend's cursing they are a pain in the ass to service but that’s not a problem for me. They soak up all the lumps and bumps and keep from going out the front door when I get it all wrong so yeah they’re great. J’adore!!


Nush's custom Airdrop edit v2

Cane Creek DB Coil IL. This is my first coil shock on a trail bike and I won't be going back. So smooth and bottomless some may say cloud-like. In short my trail bike now feels like my DH bike, well closer anyhow and that’s a good thing.

Suspension Setup

Again too soft if you listen to my boyfriend, but that’s how I like it.

I like it pretty balanced front to rear, soft enough that I can hold on and firm enough that I don’t go OTB when things go sideways.

Honestly though after some nagging I've started running my front end a little firmer than the rear, it does seem to help on the steeper stuff and in bigger holes. But don’t tell him that, I'm never wrong haha.

Cockpit Setup

Nush's custom Airdrop Edit v2

Much height, very nice. Pretty high I think anyhow.

I'm running a super short 30mm Chromag ranger stem, 25mm of spacers and some 25mm rise Chromag bars cut to 750mm. The 30mm stem works really well for me as the bike's quite a bit longer than my last and I like the really quick steering.


GX Eagle, its great having that granny gear means I can do even more chatting on the uphills.


Nush's custom Airdrop Edit v2

Sram X0 Trails, I've had these for ages, I love them. I'm pretty picky when it comes to how my levers are setup, I like them biting just before they hit bar. And really like the lever shape on these. I haven’t found another brake I like as much as these so just going to keep running them till they’re dead.

Hopefully the Sram man realises the error of his ways and brings back XO Trails.

Flats or Clips?

Nush's custom Airdrop Edit v2

Flat pedals win medals, or so I hear. Have always ridden flats since I started out and don't see that changing. The idea of being clipped in and attached to the bike scares me a little.

Maybe one day will give clips a try, but for now flats!

Dropper and Saddle

I've just managed to squeeze a 150mm dropper post in perfectly, when the post is slammed in the frame and post at full extension its perfect pedalling height for me. I can't say how stoked I am to not have to mess around sliding posts up and down. Having a 150mm drop post over the previous 125mm dropper on my old bike makes a world of difference.

Nush's custom Airdrop Edit v2

As for the saddle I've got one of the new WTB Koda’s, super comfy and looks great. Thumbs up WTB!

Anything you would change

Nope she’s perfect. Although if I did win the lottery I would go full Beyonce and ball hard on some Gold bling XX1 Eagle.

Favourite components

Honestly my water bottle or the abilty to carry one. After two years of dehydration and drinking dirty water from streams, having a water holding vessel on board is nothing short of revolutionary. Ahhh! the clean refreshing taste of agua mineral.

Any Secrets Or Setup Tips??

Always stop to pet dogs. Keep Smiling.

James Crossland
James Crossland

James grew up in Sheffield and Wharncliffe is his local. He spent a few years guiding in NZ but now he's back, helping with all things Airdrop.

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