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Cyclescheme FAQs

Cyclescheme is a way to pay for your new bike through a monthly salary sacrifice. The payments are taken directly from your gross salary, whilst also meaning you don't pay tax, national insurance or interest fees.

Purchasing through Cyclescheme allows you to save between 25 and 39%, offering a tax efficient way to buy your next bike. Once you checked your employer is signed up to Cyclescheme, you can go ahead and ask us for a quote or place an order if you've already got a certificate.

Most employers choose not to limit the order value with Cyclescheme. This means you can browse our entire range of bikes and pair with accessories. Please check with your employer for any order value limit before applying for your certificate.

You need to apply directly to Cyclescheme to get your certificate. You can do that on the cyclescheme website here.

Buying an Airdrop Bike through Cyclescheme

It's not essential to get a quote; you can order a standard bike through the website. Some employers will ask you to provide a quote before you apply for a certificate. If that's the case, or if your preferred bike includes some customisation, use the contact form below to get in touch.

Shop the website in the normal way and add all the items you want to include to your basket. At the checkout stage, choose "Cyclescheme" as the payment method. You will not be asked to pay at that point. We will hold your order for 14 days. As soon as you have your 12-digit certificate number and your 6-digit redemption code, let us know so that we can complete your order.

You can place an order with us before you apply for a certificate, and that's a good way to ensure the total amount is accurate. But you can also apply for a certificate first, and then place your order with us afterwards.

As soon as you have your certificate, including the 12-digit certificate number and the 6-digit redemption code, please let us know.

If you have already placed an order with us, we can redeem the certificate straight away and begin to build your bike.

If you have not yet placed an order, you should do so, making sure that the contents and value match up to the certificate.

When we redeem your certificate, you will be contacted by Cyclescheme with a Hire Agreement which you need to review and sign.

When you place an order we will hold the stock for 14 days to enable you to apply for a certificate through Cyclescheme. We will not build your bike until you provide us with the certificate number and redemption code.

Once we have redeemed your certificate, you have signed the hire agreement and your employer has released the funds to us, we will build your bike. This will be subject to the usual build queue which is typically 5-7 days.

It is vital that the value of your order and the value of your certificate are exactly the same. Once your certificate has been issued, the value cannot change. It is not possible to part-pay via certificate and another payment method. Nor is it possible to make top-up payments.

If you want to order other items in addition to your Cyclescheme bike (and accessories), that must be done as a separate order.

We can only accept Cyclescheme orders on new bikes at normal retail price - not compatible with discount codes or sale items.

Contact Us If you have any more questions

We appreciate that Cyclescheme can be a little complex and it's definitely worth speaking with your employer to understand how they run the scheme on their side. But we're also happy to help, so if you have any questions, ask away!