Airdrop Purist MoFlo Water Bottle

A Purist 22oz (625ml) water bottle with MoFlo cap, bearing the Airdrop logo.

We like to get things right, so even though this is just a water bottle, it's a good one. We've put some thought into the size, shape and spec. It's a Purist 22oz bottle which means it has an amorphous silicon dioxide coating on the inside, protecting it from stains and residual tastes. There's a clear viewing strip so you can see how much you've got left, and it's easy to squeeze. The MoFlo cap has the highest flow rate and it's screw-on with a wide mouth, so you can fit ice cubes or scoops of powder in if you like.

BPA-Free plastic is made from 100% FDA food-grade materials, and it's printed with non-solvent based, CPSC-approved ink and materials.