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by Ed Brazier February 26, 2021 2 min read

There's a lot of demand for the Fade, and we're doing our best to manage expectations in fairly tricky circumstances.

We're very aware that the demand for the Fade has been way beyond what we can supply for the past few months. Maybe because the Fade was named the #1 DJ bike for 2021 by Redbull, or maybe just because you all know a good bike when you see one. Either way, we've had to move to monthly drops just so we can manage the demand. Even then, they've been selling out in minutes. So the question on everyone's lips is...

Will there be a drop of Fades on March 1st?

Regrettably, no. We have Fades planned for March but with all the disruption to supply chains, the stock just hasn't arrived. We will not be able to release any Fade Luxe or Fade Works bikes this month. 

Will there be a drop of Fades on April 1st then?

We are still working on a drop of Fade Luxe and Works for April. But what we can confirm is that there will be two limited Edition Fades dropping on 1st April (see below). 

When will Fade frames be back in stock?

Good news. We're expecting a new shipment of frames in May 2021.


Limited Edition Fades

We may not be able to build any Fade Luxe or Works bikes this month, but hopefully we can make up for that with a couple of very special Limited Edition builds dropping on Aril 1st. And no, we're not joking :-)

Airdrop Fade Ltd Edition

Fade Title Ltd Edition

We've teamed up with Brett Rheeder's brand Title MTB to put together a Fade Title Ltd Edition build. Featuring a Fade frame in matte black with Rockshox Pike DJ, a full package of Title finishing kit and Magura MT5 Fabio Wibmer signature brakes. 10 will be built.

Fade frame in Matte Black

Rockshox Pike DJ Fork

Magura MT5 Fabio Wibmer Brake

Halo Chaos DJ Wheels

Title Finishing Kit

Released April 1st, 2021



5th Anniversary Ltd Edition

A Fade frame with the Ltd Edition Polished finish from our 5th Anniversary bikes, built with a baller build kit including Marzocchi Bomber DJ forks and a full Title finishing kit. Not to mention it's the first Fade to be offered with a Gyro system. 5 will be built.

Fade frame in Ltd Edition Polished

Marzocchi Bomber DJ Fork

Halo Chaos DJ Wheels

Title Finishing Kit

Title Gyro

Released April 1st, 2021



Full details of both bikes including photography and detailed specs will be published to the site in advance. Everyone will get a good chance to take a look and figure out if these are the right bike for them or if it's better to hold our for a Luxe or Works when they come back into stock.


Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A former web and graphic designer, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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Will Tuffrey
Will Tuffrey

March 26, 2021

When is the photography going to be released?


March 23, 2021


How can I order the “FADE TITLE LTD EDITION” mate black?

Thanks in advance cheers,


March 01, 2021

Can I get the Fade Title LTD shipped to the USA and how Dom I get one? First come first serve, can I give a deposit?

Thank You

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