by Ed Brazier October 12, 2017

Customisation is a big thing for us at Airdrop Bikes. I've personally never bought a bike off the shelf; I always built my own. So it was natural to offer that service for Airdrop customers and that's gone well for us. Now we've taken our decal game to the next level with custom printed pattern decals. Say hello to Galaxy, Junglist and Magma.

Originally we started with 12 different decal colours to choose from. That's loads more than you normally get and it offered plenty of scope for personalisation. And even now there are a couple of combinations that nobody's bought, so you can still be the only person in the world rolling around on an orange bike with purple decals. If you really want to.

Next we rolled out a range of 4 metallic colours which work really well on the black and raw frames - I ride a Raw bike with Anthracite decals myself. But for some reason, we wanted to do more. Not so much for the sake of offering even more options, but just because there was an opportunity to do something cool. And if there's one advantage to having your own bike company, it's that you can do some cool stuff if you want to, even if it doesn't make much 'commercial sense'. Whatever that is these days. 

So we're very pleased to introduce some limited edition pattern decal kits: Galaxy, Junglist and Magma. They'll fit any Edit v1 or v2 bike and they're available to buy now.

Or you could click here to see all 57 different colour & decal combinations.


Raw frame with galaxy pattern decalsRaw frame with galaxy pattern decals

Black frame with galaxy pattern decalsBlack frame with galaxy pattern decals

Orange frame with galaxy pattern decalsOrange frame with galaxy pattern decals


Raw frame with junglist pattern decalsRaw frame with junglist pattern decals

Black frame with junglist pattern decalsBlack frame with jungliest pattern decals

Orange frame with junglist pattern decalsOrange frame with junglist pattern decals


Raw frame with magma pattern decalsRaw frame with magma pattern decals

Black frame with magma pattern decalsBlack frame with magma pattern decals

Orange frame with magma pattern decalsOrange frame with magma pattern decals

Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A professional designer for 12 years, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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