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by Ed Brazier August 09, 2018 3 min read

Burgtec is the definition of a British rider owned brand, making some of the best components out there. When the opportunity came up to spec Burgtec components on our bikes, we weren't going to let that pass.

We're now offering Burgtec as standard on our top-end bikes.

We've always had a guiding principle behind the build kits we offer on our bikes: build them they way you'd build them yourself. Yes, we all have different opinions on that, and we deal with that through our custom build service (you can have whatever you want). But what it really means is no crappy components just to hit a price point or pad out the margin. Aftermarket upgrade brands have always thrived because of the proliferation of bikes sold with half-baked bars & stems, plastic pedals and dodgy grips. Just think of all those 90mm own-brand stems and 660mm bars going to landfill. Why not just fit proper stuff from day one? You get a sick bike with no compromises, and we support other small component brands in the process. So that's what we do.

That's where Burgtec comes in.

Flat Pedal Thunder

The guys at Burgtec come from a Downhill racing background. It's the crucible where all the toughest and most reliable mtb components are developed and tested, so it's not by chance that Burgtec pedals are the best around. Josh Bryceland rides on Burgtecs. Both Brook and Blenki have won world cups on them.  

Since making their name in the flat pedal game, Burgtec went on the establish the 800mm handlebar with their original Ridewide, and now they make a compact range of bars, stems, saddles, grips and chainrings all to the same exacting standards.


Airdrop Fade with Burgtec finishing kit

Those of you with eagle eyes might have seen a Burgtec bar/stem combo lurking on our stand at the Howard Street Dual. But we've been riding and testing Burgtec stuff for ages (as if any further evidence of the quality was required). James ran the same set of Penthouse Flats for a thousand laps in Queenstown bike park without touching them, and they're still going strong... 

Burgtec on Airdrop Bikes

At time of writing, we have all sizes and colours of Bitmap frames in stock, and a fresh batch of Edit v2 frames is less than three weeks away. So now's a great time to announce some upgrades to our standard build kits:

The Bitmap Works, Edit v2 Pro and Edit v2 Coil now come with a Burgtec Ridewide bar, Enduro Mk2 stem, Bartender grips and The Cloud saddle. All at no extra cost. 

Burgtec bar, stem grips & saddle

We're also able to use Burgtec on any custom build so let's say you're after a Bitmap Trail but you want to run Burgtec bars & stem - no problem at all. Just give us a shout and we'll produce a custom build quote for you. A few customers have already taken advantage and had us build up some sweet bikes:

Burgtec Penthouse Flats and Hope Cranks

Richard's custom Edit v2 looked sweet with a combination of Hopetech components with Burgtec Penthouse Flats in Iron Bro Orange. 

Ethan's Custom Edit v2 with Burgtec

Ethan went for a black Edit v2 with Burgtec Ridewide bar, Enduro Mk2 stem in race red, The Cloud saddle and a set of Penthouse Flats also in race red. 

Pimp Your Airdrop Frame

We don't normally fit pedals to our bikes - purely because pedals are such a personal thing. It would be hard for us to get it right. But if you're buying a bike from us, we can easily supply your choice of pedals and if you ride flats, Burgtecs are the way to go. You don't have to for for a full bike to get some of that flat pedal thunder. About half our customers build their own bikes and we just supply the frame with a few bits to make it happen. If that's you, we can supply Burgtec parts with your frame no problem at all:


Penthouse Flat Mk4 Pedals


Burgtec say the Penthouse Flat Mk4 is "more than a pedal - it's a religion". They might be right. If they're good enough to win a world cup DH on, they're good enough for us.

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Enduro Mk2 Stem


The Enduro Mk2 is the latest version of their acclaimed stem and it's mint for everything fro trail centres to the EWS. It's strong, it's light and it looks it. Dirt Magazine rates them, and so do we.

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Ridewide Alloy Bar


The Ridewide is the original wide bar - back when we were all rocking 660mm bars Burgtec went full 800 and we've all followed suit. The perfect accompaniment for the Burgtec Enduro Mk2 Stem.

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The Cloud Mk2 Saddle


The Cloud Mk2 Saddle was designed to offer comfort and resilient support for week-long enduro events. Plus it says Burgtec on it.

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Ed Brazier
Ed Brazier

Ed is the owner of Airdrop Bikes. A former web and graphic designer, he sacked off his job one day and decided to start up a bike brand.

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