The Dual Bike

March 09, 2017 0 min read

The Outdoor City Weekender is Sheffield's annual festival of all things outdoor. This year sees the inaugural Howard Street Dual, a head-to-head mtb race right in the City Centre. It's a mate's race, done the Sheffield way. So we though we'd build something a bit special to mark the occasion... This is the Edit Dual.

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Video: Golden Hour

March 01, 2017 0 min read

A year after our first film, Clayspades, we're proud to release a new video project we've been working on all winter: Golden Hour. Every bit of Golden Hour was filmed and produced within riding distance of our front door, here in Sheffield.

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The Hookit Podcast

February 22, 2017 0 min read

This week I had the honour of being a guest on episode 20 of The Hookit Podcast. We chat in depth about Airdrop, how it all came to happen, and what the future holds. Give it a listen.

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Edit v2: Everything You Need To Know

February 16, 2017 0 min read

With the Edit v2 frames just round the corner, we're already taking preorders, so it's about time we laid out all the details in one place. Here you can find all the info you'll need to decide if the new Edit v2 is the bike for you (hint: it is).
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The Recovery Weeks 1-6

January 23, 2017 0 min read

If you've been following the blog recently, you'll know that I suffered the latest in a series of shoulder dislocations over the Summer which resulted in me having a Bankart Repair and Slap Repair surgery in the middle of December. I got a lot of messages asking for a follow-up on how the recovery has gone, so now I'm 6 weeks in and I've got some progress to report.

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Descent World Hotlap

January 12, 2017 0 min read

After his DH World Champs win in 2016, Danny Hart took ownership of the Descend Bikepark in Hamsterley. Now he's chellenged all comers to put down a time on the Mainline trail. Airdrop rider Brett Penfold has smashed out a 1:20 putting him in second place, just behind "the ninja" on an Airdrop Edit. Watch the POV video here.

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2016 Review

December 30, 2016 0 min read

2016 has been an incredible year for Airdrop Bikes. It's just over 12 months since the launch of the brand so now's a great time to take a look back at everything that's happened this year and have a quick look at some of the cool stuff planned for next year.
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IMB Mag Reviews The Airdrop Edit

December 22, 2016 0 min read

IMB Magazine is "the world’s number one online mountain bike magazine", with readers in over 150 countries worldwide and a truly global reach. So to say we're stoked that they reviewed the Edit for issue 45 is an understatement. And the best bit is... they loved it.
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The Surgery

December 19, 2016 0 min read

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled Out Of Action. I've now had my shoulder surgery and a number of people have requested a follow-up, with a bit of detail about the diagnosis, the procedure itself and the beginnings of a recovery.
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Out Of Action

December 08, 2016 0 min read

Next week I'm having surgery on my shoulder. It turns out I've dislocated it a few too many times, and I need to get it sorted. It's not that big a deal but it is going to affect how Airdrop is run over the next few weeks; it's kinda hard to build a bike with only one arm.
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Dirt Issue 98

December 01, 2016 0 min read

I'm waiting for my issue of the new 20 Years Of Dirt special edition to turn up. My two copies to be precise. But since it hasn't arrived yet, I thought I'd share my favourite issue with you. I'm not saying this was the best - that would be too hard to call - but this one had a particularly inspiring effect on me.
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The Chainsaw Bike

November 16, 2016 0 min read

A few weeks back, Al came to us with a special request. He wanted a custom bike, but he also wanted to do something to honour his favourite rider: the late, great Stevie Smith. This is The Chainsaw Bike.
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