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Edit v1 Decal Set

A full set of replacement decals for your Airdrop Edit v1 frame. Made in house using high quality polymeric gloss vinyl.

Our frames are painted and lacquered in the factory, and shipped to us without decals. We then produce the decals ourselves and apply them to order. OK it’s more work for us, but it enables us to offer 12 different colours, and we can even do custom options if you want something special. If you ever damage your decals or even if you just feel like a change, we can send you a fresh set.

We use a high quality polymeric gloss vinyl, more commonly used for automotive and marine applications. It’s the kind of vinyl you see on the front of a commercial vehicle or on the side of a boat, not the cheap stuff that’s more generally available. It is highly durable, extremely conformable to the bike’s curves, and offers a glossy paint-like finish.

It is rated for 5-7 years outdoors, which refers to its general resistance to the elements such as direct sunlight, water and temperature changes. According the the manufacturer, it will withstand lows of -40 degrees and highs of 105 degrees. It’s also rated for its resistance to solvents, detergents and oils.

Perhaps most importantly, we use only solid-colour vinyl. Some companies print onto a white vinyl, and the ink layer is incredibly thin. It’s easy for the print to be rubbed off by an errant cable housing or in the back of your van. If your Airdrop decals get rubbed, all that will show through is PVC of the same colour.

Of course it’s not indestructible, but we’ve gone to some effort to find a material that will withstand the rigours of regular use in the harsh environments that we ride in. And the best part is, if you do manage to damage your decals, you can quickly and easily replace them.

For information on how to remove old or apply new decals, visit our Decals tech page.


  • 1x Head tube decal
  • 2x Downtube decals