We're all about building bikes, and we know a lot of you are too. That's why we designed the Edit using only tried & tested technologies and standards. It's the best way we can help to make sure that the build kit you've already got will fit onto your new frame, or if you're sourcing new parts to build a bike to your exact specification, there will always be an option that's compatible.

If you're planning to build up an Edit, it's useful to know what components are compatible with the frame, and how it can be set up. We've produced this handy guide to compatibility issues to help.

Seatpost Compatibility

The Edit's full length seat tube is designed to be compatible with modern dropper posts as well as standard rigid posts. We have not exhaustively tested every seat post on the market, but if you follow this advice you'll be able to make the right choice.

Seatpost Diameter: 30.9mm

Seatclamp Diameter: 35mm

Minimum Insertion Depth:
100mm on all sizes, even if the advice on the seat post is different.

Maximum Insertion Depth:
Small = 300mm
Medium = 340mm
Large = 380mm

Hose Routing:
External only. There are dedicated hose guide tabs along the underside of the top tube.

Headset Compatibility:

Getting the right headset is critical to the performance of your bike. We also know it can be a bit of a minefield, but if you follow our guide you'll have no trouble at all.

Airdrop Edit Headset Compatibility Chart

Upper Headset Cups:
The Edit accepts a 1 1/8" Zerostack (sometimes referred to as integral) upper headset cup. This is typically referred to as a ZS44 headset cup. We recommend the Cane Creek 40 Series ZS44 Upper Headset.

Lower Headset Cups:
The Edit accepts a 1.5" Zerostack (sometimes referred to as integral) lower headset cup. There are two different sizes available; the correct on is the ZS55 which is sometimes referred to as a "Scott or Lapierre" headset cup. This is not to be confused with the slightly larger ZS56 headset cup, which will not fit. We recommend the Cane Creek 40 Series ZS55 Lower Headset.

Please do not attempt to fit a ZS56 lower headset. This will invalidate the warranty and may result in a damaged headtube.

Fork Steerer Tube:
The Edit is designed for use with forks that have a tapered steerer tube, which is the most common type for mid-long travel forks and offers superior stiffness. Tapered steerers measure 1 1/8" at the top and 1.5" at the bottom. It is not possible to fit a straight 1.5" steerer. It is possible to fit a straight 1 1/8" steerer; to do that you will need to buy a ZS55-44 headset reducer cup.

Rear Axle

The Edit's removable dropouts are compatible with a 142x12mm Rockshox Maxle or Maxle Ultimate type bolt-through axle. The drive-side dropout is threaded so it is not possible to run a Shimano E-Thru type axle. Please note that a Rockshox Maxle Ultimate axle is included with all frame, bundle and bike purchases.

Rear Disc Brake

The Edit is compatible with post-mount type disc brakes; there are no mounts for rim-type brakes such as V-Brakes. It is possible to fit IS (international standard) type disc brakes with the relevant adapter.

Minimum Rear Rotor Size: 180mm

Maximum Rear Rotor Size: 200mm

Please note that if you choose to run a 180mm rear rotor, you will in most cases be able to mount the brake rotor directly to the mounts. If you choose the run a 200mm rear rotor, you will need the relevant adapter to ensure the brake calliper is in the correct position.

Shock Mounting Hardware

We like to keep things simple, so we designed the Edit to use the same mounting hardware for the rear shock's upper and lower mounts.

Upper Shock Mounting Hardware: M8 x 22.2mm

Lower Shock Mounting Hardware: M8 x 22.2mm

We recommend that you use the same brand's mounting hardware as your rear shock to ensure compatibility. Please note that shock mounting hardware is included with all frame & shock, bundle and bike purchases but not frame-only.

Shock Length

The Edit requires a shock with a 200x57mm specification. That means the eye-to-eye length of the shock is 200mm and the stroke length is 57mm. Although it may be possible to fit alternative shock sizes, this will dramatically affect the bike's geometry and performance, and will invalidate the warranty.

Front Mech

The Edit is not compatible with any type of front mech. This is a deliberate design decision.

Bottom Bracket

The Edit has a 73mm threaded bottom bracket shell. This is a tried & tested standard which we've found to be the most reliable and easiest to work with. It is also far less likely to cause that infuriating creak that you get with press-fit type bottom brackets.

You will need to use a 73mm BSA threaded type bottom bracket. All the major cranks and bottom bracket manufacturers offer this as an option. We tend to favour the Raceface Cinch bottom bracket and cranks with Cinch interface.

Bottle Cage Mount

The Edit has a single set of bottle cage bosses on the inside of the down tube. This uses a standard 64mm spacing and M5 bolts, so it's compatible with just about every bottle cage and bottle cage mount accessory out there. In our testing we've found that you can fit a good sized water bottle on most mounts even when running a piggy-back type rear shock.

Chain Guide Mount

The Edit has ISCG05 type chain guide tabs on the drive-side of the bottom bracket shell. This is compatible with the most popular chain guides from all the top manufacturers.

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