MRP SXg Alloy Chain Guide

The ideal chainguide for racing Enduro or just riding rowdy stuff on your Airdrop Edit.

These days we all have rear mechs with effective clutches and narrow-wide chainrings, so dropping a chain isn't as common as it used to be. But if you drop a chain on a race run, that's your whole weekend down the pan. We think the SXg Alloy is the perfect balance of protection and minimalism. It's light but it offers a high level of protection. The upper guide is minimal - the same as on the 1x Guide - the lower offer both bash protection and chain retention, and there's sound dampening material inside both. No moving parts, no friction, no noise.

As with the MRP 1x Chain Guide, we've worked with MRP to specify the correct spacers to run on your Airdrop Bitmap or Airdrop Edit v1, v2, v3 or v4.