Airdrop CNC Rear Axle 148x12mm

Our very own CNC machined rear axle. Designed in Sheffield.

We've always designed our frames around the Rockshox Maxle standard, and we've tried the Maxle Lite, the Maxle Ultimate and the Maxle Stealth. They're good, but we felt we could do better. So we set about developing our own rear axle and this is the result: like everything we do, it's simple but effective.

It's a tooled axle so no flappy quick-release to catch on things. It's clean and simple. But unlike the Maxle Stealth, the 6mm non-drive side end has an encapsulated washer so the axle won't dig into your dropouts. It also has a 5mm hex opening on the drive-side end so even if your axle gets seized or rounded off, you can still remove it. Anodised black with laser-etched Airdrop graphics.

Compatible with the Airdrop Bitmap, Airdrop Edit v3, v4, Airdrop Filter and most Boost 148x12mm frames that use the Rockshox Maxle standard.

Key Features
Specification: Boost 148x12mm
Total Length: 180mm
Thread-length: 20mm
Thread-pitch: M12x1.75
Tool: 6mm main bolt head on drive side
5mm emergency backup on non-drive side