Airdrop CNC Rear Axle 157x12mm UDH

An Airdrop CNC machined rear axle compatible with the Slacker DH bike.

We designed the Slacker frame around the new SRAM UDH standard, which means that it utilises a Universal Derailleur Hanger and compatible axle. Rather than threading into the driveside dropout, the new axles now thread into a nut which itself is threaded into the hanger, making for a secure and precise system. The thread pitch is now much finer, meaning less chance of axles working loose due to vibrations.

It's a tooled axle so no flappy quick-release to catch on things. But unlike other axles, the 6mm non-drive side end has an encapsulated washer so the axle won't dig into your dropouts. It also has a 5mm hex opening on the drive-side end so even if your axle gets seized or rounded off, you can still remove it. Anodised black with laser-etched Airdrop graphics.

Compatible with the Airdrop Slacker and other DH 157x12mm frames that use the SRAM UDH standard.

Key Features
Specification: DH 157x12mm
Total Length: 190.5mm
Thread-length: 14.5mm
Thread-pitch: M12x1.0
Tool: 6mm main bolt head on drive side
5mm emergency backup on non-drive side