Ridewrap Essential Frame Protection Kit

Virtually invisible frame protection kit that covers the essential areas of your frame.

Ridewrap's frame protection kits are virtually invisible once fitted. The clear material has a pressure-activated adhesive on one side which won't affect your fork's finish in any way, and is self-healing; minor marks and scuffs will disappear with the warmth of a sunny day. It's the perfect solution for dealing with cable rub, wear and tear in key areas of your frame. What's more, Ridewrap won't yellow or crack over time, keeping your frame looking tip-top.

The Essential kit covers about 30% of your frame and is cut to a standard shape. If you want more comprehensive, tailored coverage for your Airdrop frame, take a look at the Ridewrap Covered Kit.

If you want to keep your frame looking in mint condition, Ridewrap is the perfect solution. It's clear, virtually invisible and weighs very little. A squeeggee, cleaning wipes, installation fluid, microfibre cloth and installation key are included in the box.

Key Features
Virtually invisible clear film
Self healing material
Discourages dirt from sticking to your frame
10-year warranty against discolouration and cracking
Ridewrap protection film, squeegee, cleaning wipes, installation fluid, microfibre cloth & installation key included in the box