Ridewrap Shuttle Armor

A tough rubber pad designed to protect your downtube from tailgate rub.

If you've spent any time shuttling in pickup trucks then you'll understand how important a shuttle pad can be. One rough ride up an access road can ruin your downtube if you're not properly protected. Ridewrap's Shuttle Armor is made from a high durability urethane and is backed with a strong adhesive so you can stick it anywhere on your downtube and it'll stay put. It's a simple thing but effective.

Please Note: Shuttle Armor is best suited to bikes with a fairly fat downtube or with a flatter surface on the underside. It will stick to an Edit v3 or v4 downtube with proper surface preparation.

One Shuttle pad, a pre-installation cleaning wipe and a couple of stickers are included in the box.

Protects your downtube from rub on truck tailgates
Self adhesive pad can be positioned anywhere on your downtube
Ideal for DH and Freeride bikes
Ridewrap Shuttle Armor, cleaning wipes & stickers included in the box