Ridewrap Chainstay Armor

A roll of super versatile adhesive mastic tape that's perfect for protecting your frame from chain-slap. Fits any bike.

Chainstay Armor comes in a 50mm wide roll that's 1000mm long, so each roll is enough to protect more than one bike. It's around 2mm thick and super durable so it's a great way to add protection from chain slap and sound damping, particularly to awkward ares of your bike. The adhesive won't damage your frame's finish and it can be removed easily whenever you want to freshen it up.

You can use Chainstay Armor in a couple of different ways - wrap it around your tubing for fully comprehensive coverage, or trim it to custom shapes usong scissors or a stanley knife.

One roll of tape, a pre-installation cleaning wipe and a couple of stickers are included in the box.

Protects your frame from chain slap
Can be wrapped or trimmed to shape
1m long roll is more than enough for one bike
Ideal for awkward areas or unusually shaped tubing
Ridewrap mastic tape, cleaning wipes & stickers included in the box