VHS Slapper Tape v2

The best chainstay protection and damping product we've found. It's clean, easy to install and it works. Now the new & improved v2 version improves fit on all bikes...

VHS are a small, independent company based in Queenstown. They're all about making eco-friendly and user-friendly solutions; the Slapper Tape v2 is made from a malleable silicon rubber and their carbon emissions are offset.

We've seen the development of the Slapper Tape right from the beginning and we were proud to be the first UK stockist. And as you might have guessed, we run it on our own bikes. We put a lot of work into designing Airdrop bikes to run as quietly as possible, and VHS is the icing on the cake. If all you want to hear is the buzz of a freehub and tyres schralping in the dirt, VHS is for you (see the video).

The new Slapper Tape v2 improves on the original by adding extra material to each side, meaning a better wrap around chainstays and improved compatibility with all bikes. The air bubbles are also softer for even better sound damping than before.

Key Features
Frame protection and sound damping properties
New v2 version is quieter with better coverage
Natural rubber
Designed in New Zealand
Size: 350x70x10mm